2016 Committee Reports

2015-2016 Policy Committee Reports & Products

BOAT Advisory Board
BOAT Advisory Board Annual Report

Education & Outreach

Enforcment & Training Engineering, Reporting & Analysis (ERAC)
Individual files -- main report and appendices:
ERAC Final Committee Report, 2016 Cycle (Aug. 25 2016)
ERAC-2016-Overall (subcommittees, charge teams, Feb. 19 mtg summary, calendar)
ERAC-2016-A1(a) - mapping terms and definitions /five categories
ERAC-2016-A1(b) - SCA article "Why aren't boaters paying attention (July 2016)
ERAC-2016-A2(a) - Supplement to NASBLA submission to USCG-2015-0753 (BAR Manual)
ERAC-2016-A2(b) - NASBLA submissions to USCG-2015-0629 (60- and 30-day) (BAR ICR)
ERAC-2016-A3(c) - NASBLA Resolution 2016-1 approved July 27 2016
ERAC-2016-B2 - Electric Shock Drowning and Human Performance subpages on Lighthouse
ERAC-2016-B3 - Statistical Report template subpage on Lighthouse
ERAC-2016-B4 - Good Practices: Writing Recreational Boating Accident Report Narratives
ERAC-2016-B5 - Guidance: Documenting Alcohol or Drug Involvement as a Contributor in Recreational Boating Accidents
ERAC-2016-C2 - Human Performance Investigation - 2016 guidance and form updates
ERAC 2017 Subcommittees, Initial Charges, and Other Activities
Vessel Identification, Registration & Titling
VIRT Committee Final Report