Small Craft Advisory

NASBLA discontinues flagship publication    
Despite efforts over the last three years to preserve its flagship magazine Small Craft Advisory (SCA) amidst deep, ongoing cuts in U.S. Coast Guard grants, as the result of an unprecedented 60 percent reduction in the annual Partnering Grant (a cut totaling more than $400,000), the NASBLA Executive Board has adopted a revised operational budget which will eliminate SCA effective immediately. 
Recognized as the singular voice of the recreational boating community and the state boating safety programs for more than 30 years, the award-winning NASBLA magazine has made important contributions to recreational boating safety and to advancing the states’ public policy agenda. Over the last three decades, SCA has played a pivotal role in not only communicating, but also illuminating the stories behind the policy decisions — stories about people and programs that have shaped our understanding of the challenges facing boating safety, as well as the initiatives we have taken to address those challenges. 
Although Small Craft Advisory will no longer be published in its "long-form" format nor appear as the email periodical SCA Weekly, NASBLA will continue its weekly email communications and news service communique under the simple banner of NASBLA Weekly. Although it will no longer link to feature-length stories, NASBLA Weekly will continue to provide timely and insightful articles on issues of importance to the states and the broader recreational boating safety community.  

Back issues of the magazine can be found here and in our Public Library on NASBLA Connect.