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Accident report data -- gathering and entering
Accident Reporting Terms and Definitions Project (2012 to present)  Revised terms lists, guidance, reference and resource modules
Human Performance Investigation in Recreational Boating Accidents (2014 to present) Guidance and supplemental report form for gathering, examining human factors data

Recognizing and Reporting Electric Shock Drownings (2015) Response and investigation checklist, other ESD resources

NEW! Writing Accident Report Narratives (2016) Best practices for writing good narratives; includes samples

NEW! Alcohol and Drug Involvement in Recreational Boating Accidents (2016) Guidance for documenting alcohol or drugs as contributors
Accident data -- compiling, analyzing, publishing
Template for In-Depth Analysis of Fatality Trends by Body of Water (Aug. 2012)

Template for Generating State-Level Statistical Reports (beta test in progress, Sept. 2016) 
Accident statistics -- national compilations
U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Statistics (annual)


Survey data -- interpreting and using findings
National Recreational Boating Survey (USCG) - Data, articles, methodology, resources 
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