Top 10 Most Wanted

The Top 10 Most Wanted List represents the states boating programs advocacy priorities. It is designed to increase awareness of, and support for, the most critical changes needed to reduce recreational boating accidents and save lives.

2015-16 NASBLA Top 10 Most Wanted List of Recreational Boating Safety Improvements

  1. Reduce Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  2. Increase Life Jacket Wear/ Implement Mandatory Wear in Some Situations on Certain Size Boats
  3. Address Distracted Boating/ Improper Lookout
  4. Address Paddlesports Issues (Including Stand Up Paddleboards)
  5. Standardized State/Federal Accident Terminology
  6. Mandate (or Increase) Boater Education for All Powerboat Operators of Any Age
  7. Advocate for Safety of Towed Water-Sports
  8. Support Implementation of National Boating Education Standards as Recognized by the USCG and NASBLA
  9. National Reciprocity Accepting Boater Cards for Out-of-State Boaters
  10. Implement Measures of Effectiveness for Recreational Boating Safety Program Practices

2015 Presentation on the Most Wanted List